We are all looking forward to getting together again and enjoying a good old fashioned 4th of July barbecue, but if you have put on the "Quarantine 15" a cookout won’t make it any easier to lose it. 

However, we can still enjoy the holiday and all the food by making some simple swaps.  A few examples, whole grain buns instead of enriched white, turkey burgers or dogs instead of beef, grilled veggies, low-fat mayo or olive oil potato salad.  Plus, limit soda and alcohol which can dehydrate you and drink plenty of water. Finally, skip the pie and sweets and opt for delicious fresh fruit.  Here are some good swaps and easy ways to make your 4th of July cookout a lot healthier.

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    Potato Salad

    Try making your own homemade potato salad instead of buying it from a store. This way you can substitute low-fat ingredients and it’s easier to personalize adding more of what your family likes. Low-fat mayonnaise is one option. You can also try plain greek yogurt or just use mustard in this dish. Also, skip the bacon, and add veggies that your family enjoys such as corn, green beans, olives, or peas.

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    Fruit Can Make a Great Dessert

    For a sweet treat with your meal or after dinner, fruit is a tasty healthy option. Slicing up some watermelon or adding a fruit salad are some great healthy dishes. You can also add fruit on your regular salad to add some sweetness.

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    Corn on the cob can be a delicious BBQ dish that you can even cook right on the grill which adds some great flavor. When making your corn, try substituting butter. Instead, you can use olive oil which is a healthy fat, this recipe on Green Thumb shows you how, or try low-fat butter if you still crave that buttery flavor.

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    Grilled Chicken

    Chicken breast is a great addition to your bbq because it’s lower fat than your traditional dishes and still has great flavor. You can also try making chicken kabobs, adding veggies and chicken pieces on a stick, and grilling them together, a super fun dish for your family. For some more ideas for fun healthy chicken breast dishes chick out Taste of Home.

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    Make Your Own Veggie Burger

    Frozen premade veggie burgers can be bland and boring. Try spicing things up by creating your own, this way you can add the veggies that you like best, and leave out the ones you don’t. Black bean, quinoa, corn, and mushrooms are just a few main ingredients you can use in your burger. For some easy veggie burger recipes that you can grill, check out Green Planet.

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