A salad from Dunkin? I never thought I would see the day....

But alas, here we are.

A while back, Dunkin decided to take the "Donuts" out of their title and now we get why.

The coffee chain just announced that they are partnering with Farmer's Fridge to offer customers some healthier options.

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According to NJ.com, some new menu items that are being tested to start, "include Greek salads, burrito bowls, pesto pasta, Greek yogurt wild berries and granola, apple cinnamon oats and pineapple coconut chia pudding,"  and other menu items that have yet to be released to the public.

But there is a catch.

These new healthy menu options are being tested at three New Jersey Dunkin locations, and none of them are in South Jersey.

I know.....*eye roll*.....

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Here are the three lucky NJ stores that are being used as the guinea pigs:

1. 2639 Morris Avenue, Union

2. 323 North Avenue, Garwood

3. 315 Central Avenue, Clark

Man....was it something South Jersey said?

Now I have to admit that when I first started reading up about this, I was a bit skeptical. I mean seriously....salad and Dunkin are two words I never expected to be in the same sentence.

But now that I know that we won't have easy access to try these new items, I am experiencing FOMO to the MAX.

So the big question for you: Do you want to see Dunkin bring these new healthy menu items to South Jersey? Would you try them?

Cast your vote below:

In the mean time, you can take a look at the original article at NJ.com.

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