Let's face it... kids (and adults) don't always eat healthy.  And a lot of kids (and adults) like things like chicken nuggets.

If you can't get your kids (or yourself) to walk away from the nuggets, at least look for healthier ones.  While I'm not advocating eating chicken, I've simply found something other than the traditional choices in the frozen food aisle.

If you must eat chicken, try the Simply Smart line.  The chickens are raised with no antibiotics & are raised cage-free in the USA.  There are no preservatives or fillers added.  And the breaded chicken breast cutlets have 35% fewer calories & 35% less fat than fried breaded boneless chicken.

So, if you are gonna eat chicken at all, at least you can make a smarter choice.  Now if only I could figure out why the chicken crossed the road.  :)

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