Harry Styles should be eligible for hazard pay after he took a direct hit from a bottle to the groin at his concert on his US Tour Friday night in Chicago.

Harry was in the middle of one of his trademark audience conversations when a naughty fan threw a bottle at the stage and hit Harry where it hurts.

You have to give Harry credit for remaining cool while in pain and retaining his British sense of humor.

"Well, that's unfortunate", the singer deadpanned as he bent over, shook his legs, and jumped up and down while trying to appear as graceful as possible under the circumstances.

"OK, shake it off", Harry can be heard saying on the now-viral video of the incident, which you can watch conveniently attached to this post. Then he really decided to play it for laughs, going to a three-octaves higher, squeaky voice, to say, "anyway, for the rest of the show..." 

Hey, it's not easy trying to entertain a stadium full of people when you would rather curl up in the fetal position and cry like a baby.

Not wanting to ruin the party mood, Styles didn't dwell on the incident, and it seemed he didn't even bother getting security to seek out the person who threw the bottle.

Styles finished his Love On Tour pitstop in Chicago on Saturday and now has about a week's hiatus before beginning a 15-date residency at the Forum in suburban Los Angeles, then heading to South America and Europe.

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