When news first broke that the Hard Rock Casino planned to operate a gas station and car wash next door to the newly opened casino, my first thought was why is a casino trying to get into the gas and convenience store business?

Now, as the Hard Rock announces the grand opening of their "Rocktane Gas & Wash", the car wash is slated to open at a later date, the moves makes more sense to me.

First of all, it is needed. Uptown Atlantic City doesn't have a modern gas and convenience station, and with thousands of additional gamblers' cars coming every day, it should serve a real need while doing a good business.

Secondly, it shows a commitment to its neighborhood, Uptown Atlantic City, which has been virtually ignored since the closing of the Taj Mahal and Revel several years ago.

So, now you have a new, clean place to gas up and grab a coffee when your Uptown, and, thanks to the Hard Rock feel and imagining of the place, possibly an incitement to stop into the casino while you are there.

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