There is an impressive Halloween attraction in Philadelphia called The Glow that we strongly suggest you try.

It is a 1/3 mile trail that allows you to see more than 5,000 hand-carved jack-o-lanterns including portraits of celebrities including Kevin Hart and Benjamin Franklin and fictional characters such as Spider-Man and the Addams Family.

The Glow is located in West Fairmount Park and runs Thursdays through Sundays until October 28th.

You must purchase your tickets in advance for this 30 to 40 minute walk and prices range from $16.99 to $25.99.

Keep in mind that each carving takes anywhere from two hours to two days to complete so you are looking at a lot of hard labor and impressive talent along this walk.

For more information or for a preview at some of the amazing artwork that is in store if you attend The Glow, head to

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