So Fly Christmas, the Hallmark Channel movie that has been filming in South Jersey spent the day Wednesday shooting scenes in a stately Ventnor home on Atlantic Avenue.

The movie, a Hallmark Channel original movie being produced by Worldwide Entertainment and Media, is scheduled to premiere in the 2023 Christmas season, as part of its annual Countdown to Christmas event.

So Fly Christmas is being filmed in various South Jersey shore towns. The movie's production team spent a weekend in early April in Longport, filming at a house at Colgate and Ventnor avenues.

The next week, production moved to a shop at 10th and Asbury in Ocean City where shooting included some local actors in the roles of extras.

Wednesday, a film crew's 18-wheeler and various rental trucks converged outside a columned home at the corner of Atlantic and Dudley avenues, in the St. Leonard's Tract neighborhood of Ventnor, known for its large estate homes.

The home's columns were decorated with strings of Christmas garland for the occasion.

The Ventnor house they chose is a real old-style beauty, built in the early 1900s. I believe I remember touring the home several years ago when it was used as the show house for a Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer & Heart Fund fundraiser.

Members of the movie crew could be seen coming and going for much of the day as scenes were shot inside.

Producers of So Fly Christmas, describe it as a "sweet family Christmas feature film."

The casting notice said it would be filming in and around Atlantic City from March 30 through April 18, so don't be surprised if you encounter another shoot of the Hallmark movie in your neighborhood over the next few days.

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