What's better than an all-you-can-eat buffet?  I mean, sometimes you're just in the mood for a hamburger, a taco salad, and prime rib.  Why should we have to choose?

Eat as much as you like Chinese buffet restaurant in London Chinatown

Sadly, the pandemic has taken its toll on the traditional buffet.  Many of the big buffet restaurant chains have closed.  A search of buffet restaurants in our area leaves few options.

However, there's a restaurant in New Brunswick, that has reimagined the buffet dinner concept, and they're one of the hottest restaurants in that area.  I believe this concept would be a great addition to the region.

The restaurant is called, Sakana, and they offer an all-you-can-eat option on their menu.  It's unlike anything I've seen, and I'd bet the concept would do great right here in South Jersey.

The way it works is you order off a menu of roughly one hundred choices.  This is a sushi restaurant, so the selection is very large.  You order up to 10 pieces of sushi and 3 rolls per person at a time.

Sakana Sushi and Japanese Cuisine via Facebook
Sakana Sushi and Japanese Cuisine via Facebook

Each order is called a "round" and you can order as many rounds as you can eat.  One round would probably be enough to fill even the hungriest of sushi aficionados.  Truthfully, the rice in the sushi rolls tends to fill you pretty quickly.

There are a few "catches" to consider.  First, there is a 90-minute time limit.  I'd think that would be plenty of time to fill yourself up.  You must eat what you order.  They rightfully, don't want to waste food.  If you do have leftover food, they will charge you an a la carte price for each piece you leave over.

The menu also offers what they call premium sushi appetizers, but those are limited to one per person and children may not order them.  Finally, if you thought you'd get around the rice filling you up, they offer sashimi (these are fresh pieces of fish that aren't rolled in rice).  Diners are limited to 10 pieces of sashimi.

Sakana Sushi and Japanese Cuisine via Facebook
Sakana Sushi and Japanese Cuisine via Facebook

Seems to me that a restaurant like this would do great in Cape May, or Egg Harbor.


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