This past Thursday, New Jersey was in absolute chaos when a sudden snow storm pounded down leaving many residents stuck in traffic for HOURS on their commute home from work.

Now yes, a bunch of public figures have come out commenting on how the situation was handled poorly -- including Governor Phil Murphy.

However, his comments seemed to blame the "lousy" forecasts as opposed to issuing an apology for everyone who suffered Thursday evening.

On one hand, my gut is telling me that apologizing for the situation is well warranted no matter whose fault it was because a massive amount of people had to deal with an awful situation on Thursday. One downside to being in politics is that apologizing when it is not always your fault is part of the territory.

And on the other hand, that storm did come out of absolutely nowhere. Until about midafternoon, I was reporting just a wintry mix until listeners called in to tell me that the weather had dramatically changed. Should he have had plows out? Yes. Should the roads have been salted? Yes. But even my boss was not aware of the drastic weather change until I announced a new forecast.

So, do you think Gov. Phil Murphy owes New Jersey the proper apology?

Take a look at News 12 for a reminder on Murphy's response.

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