Glenn 'Hurricane' Schwartz, the longtime popular Meteorologist on NBC10 Philadelphia has announced his plans to retire from the TV station at the end of May.

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Schwartz posted a message on NBC 10's webpage Friday saying he will retire from NBC10 but not give up forecasting the weather and other interests.

After 42 years on TV (and 27 on NBC10), I’ll be retiring at the end of May. I’m not retiring from meteorology, my life-long passion, but only from daily TV on NBC10.

I’ve decided: If I’m gonna try some new things and pursue other things I’ve put off, there’s no time like the present!


Schwartz’s joined NBC10 in 1995 after working at stations including WAGA-TV in Atlanta, The Weather Channel, and WNYW-TV in New York — the latter being where he earned his “Hurricane” moniker.

Schwartz brought a unique homey feel to his forecasts, along with the memorable weather nickname and a closet full of bow ties to the job.

Townsquare Media Meteorologist Dan Zarrow has fond memories of learning his craft under Schwartz's mentorship.

I had the honor and privilege of interning for Glenn at NBC 10 in the summer of 2004.  It was truly a transformative experience.  I learned how to really forecast the weather that summer . And much of my forecasting philosophy and on-air style developed directly from his meteorological mentorship.
He was so open about sharing his vast knowledge and experience with his interns. With one very notable exception. Over the years, Glenn developed a "checklist" of sorts for winter storms. It was a set of very specific criteria that had to be met for him to "pull the trigger" on really hyping up heavy snow for Philadelphia.  Well, I think it existed - I recall he was very protective over that piece of paper, and literally wouldn't let anyone see it!
He also had a giant box behind the weather set with hundreds of bowties. He would pick one out just before going on-air.
In his announcement of his plans on Friday, Schwartz, 70,  said his time at NBC10 is what he is most proud of.
Working for NBC10 has been the crowning achievement of my professional life, and I’ll always be grateful beyond words to my work “family” with whom I’ve shared so much.  And to have reached the professional heights I’ve reached in my own hometown is a blessing most people never get; I know very well how fortunate I’ve been.

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