A 26-year old Galloway woman has been charged with lying about having terminal cancer and taking advantage of a sympathetic couple from Egg Harbor Township, who took her in and cared for her for over a month.

According to the Egg Harbor Township Police, Kiley White was arrested last week while on her way back to the victim’s residence in Egg Harbor Township where she spent nearly every night for approximately 5 weeks. The family took her into their own home after White convinced them that she was terminally ill. She has been charged charged with theft by deception and harassment.

Police say White is a con artist who preys on the sympathy and compassion of others and tried similar stunts before in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but was never before been charged.

White also apparently pretended to be other people and, at one point, even posed as her own hospice nurse.
Here is a press release from Egg Harbor Township Police concerning the case against Kiley White...

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