An employee at a popular Galloway Township restaurant, who slandered a customer  who is police officer, was fired by the restaurant over the weekend.

According to NBC10 Philadelphia, an employee at Romanelli’s Garden Cafe on S. New York Road, referred to police as “pigs” and “puercos,” on the officer's reciept. Puercos means "pig" in Spanish.

Drew Huggard, the owner of Romanelli’s, posted a message on Facebook addressing the receipt. He confirmed that an employee wrote the message and gave it to a police officer.

The owner apologized and said his business supports police. He also told Facebook users in the replies that the employee responsible for the message was fired.

“I am the owner,” he wrote. “I have grown up in this town and I have always relied on the local police department to keep myself and my family and friends safe. I would appreciate it if you could understand our frustrating situation. We would like to just let let everyone know we do not condone this type of behavior here. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.”

Here is Drew Huggard's post on the Romanelli's Garden Cafe Facebook page.

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