If you're like most people who have grown up in New Jersey, there have certainly been early morning hours on the weekend, heading to a diner to satisfy your cravings for munchies after a night out with friends.

Those who have known the joy of those late-night experiences will understand the irony of this story.

Sage Diner on route 73 in Mount Laurel was a typical New Jersey diner.  The outside looked like any other Jersey diner of its time, and the inside looked typical as well.  They had their bakery display, and huge menus...

I sometimes wonder if those diners were all set up the same to make it easier for those of us who stopped in on those early mornings.  It didn't matter which diner you landed at, they were all the same.

Times change and alas, The Sage Diner closed its doors back in 2017.  NJ Green Care LLC wants to convert the empty diner into a marijuana dispensary.

NJ Green Care will be taking their proposal to the planning board later in March and seek a change of use approval.

New Jersey has strict rules when it comes to opening a pot dispensary.  Getting local approval is near the top of the list.  And one of the things at the top of the list of local requirements, will be a cohesive security plan.

AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images

The Sage Diner location isn't the only former diner looking to sell weed.  The Former Marlton Diner is looking to become a dispensary as well.  Enlighten Health and Wellness has already received local approval to open a dispensary at that location, although they now need state approval.

Long-vacant diner on Route 73 could see new life as a cannabis dispensary (msn.com)

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