For many, he's known as the wise-cracking red-headed kid who starred in the seventy's comedy, The Partridge Family.

Since those days, Danny Bonaduce has led, how shall we say?  A colorful life?

Like so many child stars who grow up under the microscope, Danny was a walking headline.  Drugs, alcohol, fights, and arrests are all a part of his life story.

In the late 80's, he became a dj on the former Eagle 106 and later 94 WYSP.

Since his earlier years, Danny has led a sober life and hosts a radio show in Seatle.

According to a report in TMZ, Danny started to experience medical issues about a year ago.  His speech was off, and he had problems with his balance and walking.  Despite ruling out a stroke, doctors didn't have any answers.

Danny announced during a recent TMZ interview, that they have finally determined the cause of his problems, and he'll be undergoing brain surgery on Monday.

The cause of his problems is an illness called, hydrocephalus.  according to the Mayo Clinic, Hydrocephalus is "the buildup of fluid in the cavities (ventricles) deep within the brain. The excess fluid increases the size of the ventricles and puts pressure on the brain."

Danny announced that brain surgery is scheduled for Monday, and the procedure will allow doctors to drain fluid from his brain.  Although there is no known cure for Hydrocephalus, with proper attention, he should be able to live a normal life, albeit perhaps not Danny's version of normalcy.

Danny Bonaduce Having Brain Surgery After Serious Health Scare (

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