We have confirmed live on-the-air this morning, Monday, September 18, 2023 at 7;05 a.m. that retired and current  police officers have formed a structured neighborhood watch program in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

The retired police officer who telephone our live program was quick to point out that this is not criticism of the police department’s throughout New Jersey.

His criticism is of the differed and appointed leadership who “do not properly support the police and allow them to do their job.”

The former policeman brought-up the recent home invasion and auto theft in Northfield, New Jersey whereby local police had the alleged perpetrators in the sight and were not permitted to pursue and catch them.

The retired police officer advised that the new Egg Harbor Township Neighborhood Watch covers an area of approximately 5 miles, including:

  • Ocean Heights Avenue
  • English Creek Avenue
  • Pine Avenue, heading towards Mays Landing, New Jersey.

The retired officer spoke of a recent robbery, whereby young criminals literally tore a garage door from its hinges and track and proceed to steal expensive off rode motor bikes.

The retired police officer reported that there is a “gang house on Ocean Heights Avenue,” in Egg Harbor Township that has been reported to the local police department.

The retired police officer also stated on-air that “quad and dirt bikes are racing throughout the area.”

The retired police officer also made a point of emphasis, stating that the quality of life in so many surrounding areas is also declining significantly… mentioning Atlantic City, Pleasantville, Egg Harbor Township, Somers Point, Northfield and other municipalities by name.

Many believe that because of the increase in crime here and throughout America … that neighborhood watch programs such as this will continue to be formed to protect both personal property and people.

NOTE: I am not revealing any of the identities of the retired and current police officers who have formed the Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey Neighborhood Watch.

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