Viewing conditions in South Jersey this weekend for the annual Orionid meteor Shower should be close to ideal, as the month-long celestial event peaks Friday and Saturday night.

Here are five things to know about  the meteor shower and how and when to watch...

- The shower promises to light up the night sky with as many as 15-30 meteors every hour -- which can be visible to the naked eye (weather permitting). These "shooting stars" originate from the constellation Orion (The Hunter), which is where the shower gets its name.

- The Orionid shower is created by debris from Halley's Comet, that comes into contact with the Earth every October. The comet itself is visible only every 75 years with the next appearance in 2061. It's debris still makes for an impressive meteor.

- The best time to spot the meteors is right before dawn. And, as with any stargazing it's best to be far away from any light pollution - like casino displays, street or house lights. Views from areas around Belleplain or Wharton State Forest should be exceptional!

-This year, the shower runs from Oct. 2 to Nov. 26, but the Orionids are peaking this weekend.

- Here's Lite Rock Meteorologist Dan Zarrow's take on this meteor show: The Orionids aren't as bright or plentiful as the Perseids in late August, but we should indeed have beautiful clear viewing conditions Friday night. Not as great Saturday night, as skies become partly cloudy.

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