There are plenty of lists of top cities in America you would want your town to make. This list is not one of them.

A list of the top 35 American cities that will be underwater by the year 2100 because of sea level rising includes five towns from South Jersey.

24/7 Wall Street reviewed data from the science advocacy nonprofit Union of Concerned Scientists and compiled a list of American cities most at risk of being underwater by the year 2100 because of sea level change.

Here are the five South Jersey towns that made the list:

#32- Margate

#29- Brigantine

#16- Ventnor

#12- Ocean City

#3 - Atlantic City

According to the report, about 50% of Atlantic City’s habitable land will be underwater in 40 years, and nearly 93% will be underwater by the end of the century.

The rankings are drawn from UCS calculations last year on how many homes will be affected by rising sea levels in U.S. coastal towns, and what percentage of land in each city will be underwater.

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