The Deputy Fire Marshal from the St. Petersburg, FL. Fire Department has a warning for parents after a devastating house fire that investigators believe may have started after a social media challenge went awry.

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“They are calling it the ‘Fire Challenge.’ That’s where individuals pour a flammable liquid – possibly rubbing alcohol – on their skin or body and then they ignite it and part of the challenge is it is supposed to be recorded and then they extinguish it."

The fire official explains, “With the flammable liquid – when you put it on someone, it will heat up the skin. It is going to be an irritant.

“The other thing is, in the videos, if you look at them, they are putting it on their chest and clothing. The clothing itself will absorb that flammable liquid and then the material, you can’t get it off of you. Then all of a sudden, you become a big ball of fire.”

An 11-year-old girl who lived in the home is recovering from second-degree burns. She along with her family are asking the community for donations.


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