On September 26, 1981, there was a big anti-apartheid demonstration at JFK Airport in New York.

The demonstration turned violent and during that riot, Donna Joan Borup is alleged to have thrown a caustic agent into the eyes of a Port Authority police officer.  The attack left the officer, Evan Goodstein partially blind.

Police say that Borup was a member of the May 19th Communist Organization.  This was a far-left group that was a part of the Weather Underground. Donna Borup was arrested for the attack but was released on bail and that was the last the authorities saw of her.  She had been charged with rioting in the first degree, and assault on the first degree.  A federal arrest warrant was issued in 1982 and an additional charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Donna goes by several aliases including Rebecca Ann Morgan, Donna Borup, and Donna Austopchuk.

She has used several birth dates including, August 5, 1952, March 5, 1947, and April 10, 1950.

Her hair color was brown, although she may now be graying.  She is five foot 4 to five foot 6, has brown or blue eyes and doesn't have any know birth marks or scars.

Authorities believe that she has experience in graphic design and silk-screening, and they say she's highly intelligent.  Authorities also say she has a photographic memory.

Borup has ties to New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Canada.

The FBI has established reward for anyone who can lead help bring her to justice.

If you have information about Donna Borup, call 9-1-1, and never approach her, yourself.

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