A West Deptford family crossing the Middle Thorofare Bridge from Wildwood Crest to Cape May say they experienced a "Dukes of Hazard" Moment when the drawbridge started opening with their car on it.

According to capemayherald.com, the Naphys family had just paid the toll and were crossing the bridge on Monday, Aug 1, when the drawbridge portion of the roadway began to open with their car was on top of it.

“It was crazy,”Jackie Naphys told the Herald, “When we were right at the very edge, I said to my husband, ‘I think the bridge may be opening.’”

Her husband accelerated, dropping the car as much as 6 feet off the open bridge span to the deck below.

“When we landed, the lady in front of us had pulled over. She said it was 4 to 6 feet up in the air when we went over. It wasn’t really scary until we landed”

The four people in the car were bruised and shaken, but not seriously hurt, she said.

As of this week, the car was still being evaluated in the collision shop. Police are still investigating.

Naphys said the toll collector indicated that sun glare prevented him from seeing that their car was still on the bridge, but the Cape May Herald could not confirm that explanation.

“You just really can’t imagine in this day and age that’s the way it operates,” Naphys said.

Source: Cape May Herald

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