Love it or hate it, Facebook has become a way of life for what seems like everyone in the world.

We spend much too much time on the site and share way too much information about ourselves, our families, and our friends.

Sometimes we knowingly share our information with the world, but sometimes you may not even realize the enormous amount of information you are sharing.

Information is money.  Have you ever thought about how Facebook makes so much money?

They use your information to then sell advertising that directly targets you.  But that's the least of your concerns.

You know those quizzes you like to take?  Or what you'll look like in 50 years? They love it when you play those games.  Most people readily agree to terms they've never even read.  Think about it, why would someone post these games?

It's like opening the door to your home and allowing strangers to snoop around.

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You know that message you received from a friend warning you that your account has been hacked?  They tell you to click on a link...BAM you've just let them in.

Duct Cleaning Scam

Okay, let's move on.  Have you noticed how many people are all of a sudden starting their own duct cleaning business?  How about all the people fixing garage doors?

These are more complex scams, but scams just the same.  Sure, they tell you no money due until work is done.  However, these are still scams.  If you want to find out the truth, ask for a local, physical address.

Read more here, Beware Of Fake Air Duct Cleaning Offers On Local Facebook Pages (

The next post that tries to lure you in involves dogs.  Admittedly, these are more difficult to spot.  Someone posts a picture of a dog in distress.  Maybe it was hit by a car, and they are trying to find the owner.   

It's easy to want to help and spread the word when an animal is in distress.  Scammers count on that.

Before clicking on anything, ask yourself, does this seem plausible?  Does the post mention a specific location?  If you have any questions, call animal control.

Facebook Changing Terms and Selling Your Pictures

Finally, all the posts that announce some kind of change in Facebook terms.  The big giveaway is when it says, this is real.  Or, I saw this on TV.   It never is.

Don't waste time declaring they can't use your pictures, clicking on buttons or links, or standing on your head while juggling tennis balls.  It isn't real.  None of it is.

If your concern is that serious, take time to read the Meta privacy terms.

The best advice is never to click on unknown links and never put out any information you don't want the world to see.

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