My girls have grown up catching frogs in our neighborhood in Margate. We are close enough to the marshes and wet lands that there's always a large population of small frogs jumping around.

The frogs seem to favor the crevasse at the base of a house's foundation, at least that's where I see them when I'm cutting the lawn.

The kids in the neighborhood made a game out of catching them a few summers ago, when Eileen and Bridget were about 6 years old. Then everyone seemed to lose interest for a summer or two, but, this summer, frog catching is back!

Here is video of the girls catching of about a dozen frogs last Saturday night. That may sound like alot, but it pales in comparison to their all-time record catch of 40 frogs one summer night three years ago.

They always let the frogs go at the end of the night and no frogs were injured during the shooting of this video, so enjoy.

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