Goo Goo Dolls said it best, 'somehow here is gone.' Standing where once was East Side Mario's restaurant on Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Twp. is a brand new Burger King.

It didn't take long. For as long as East Side Mario's stood abandoned, eventually being demolished leaving an empty lot, the Burger King seemed to get built in record time.

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I reminisce about ESM because it was such a solid local hang-out for a long time. It had a 'Cheers' feel, with the 'where everybody knows your name' vibe, and one of the rare places you felt totally comfortable sitting at the bar alone. You'd surely run into someone you knew.

But let me pop my memory bubble and tell you about the new Burger King that's gone up where East Side used to be. You'll find it on Blackwood-Clementon Rd. in between Rite-Aid and Filomena's, 42 Freeway reports.

The old BK just up the road (off Little Gloucester) has already closed. The new one is sleeker and more modern, with that clean, rectangular, boxy shape that seems to have invaded the whole fast food industry.

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This BK has a two-lane drive-thru and, get this, an indoor playground! Don't worry, THAT feature has its own inside door to minimize loud noises, according to 42 Freeway.

The restaurant reportedly has a few leather booths, as well as high-top tables.

So, go on, get your BK 'your way' in style, but I hope you'll remember East Side Mario's while you're there, lol. I know I will.

FYI...there's a new Chipotle set to open nearby in a matter of weeks.

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