Beeping your horn may seem rude to some people. In today's over-sensitive world of everything is offensive, beeping one's horn is almost akin to giving someone the finger.

Yes, the intent and spirit of the honking does depend on the length or repetitive pattern of the honking. However, it has become increasingly necessary due to one major change in our lives ... the smartphone.

While it is great that people don't check their email, texts or social media while they're driving, it is annoying when they do it at a traffic light. It's especially frustrating when the driver is in the left turn lane with a brief timed green arrow in which to go.

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Somebody's got to let them know the damn light is green and we have precious moments to proceed, lest we wait another five minutes for the light to change again.

It happens sometimes when you are three or four cars back and the cars directly behind the first driver fail to honk. If you are three or four cars back you have to give one prolonged honk, for at least three seconds. If they fail to move, repeat.

If you are one or two cars back a quick double or triple "friendly reminder" beep will do. Of course, there are other times like when you're on a multi-lane highway and the driver next to you decides to move into your lane or drifts over, a honk is necessary.

The prolonged honk when the offense is long over is just excessive and a sign of deeper issues. Maybe you had a fight with your spouse, or you hate your job, or the Mets or Phillies lost again. This is uncalled for and you should check yourself before you wreck yourself.

But rest assured there is a proper time for using your horn and a proper protocol for how and when to use it. Thank you and happy motoring!

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