Destination America's "Haunted Towns" is finding out what we already knew in South Jersey. Cape May is haunted and haunted is really entertaining!

Cape May's episode of "Haunted Towns" airs at 10pm Tuesday, Sept. 19  ( Comcast HD 873).

The show follows the Tennessee Wraith Chasers ghost-hunting team as they investigate some of the most notoriously haunted towns across America.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, the ghost hunters TWC investigated Cape May’s famous haunted house, the Emlen Physick Estate, and explored other spots rumored to be haunted.

The show's website, says the episode follows the TWC as they examine Cape May's penchant for seances, spirit boards and Spiritualism from the Civil War to today.

The show's producers say they found lots of paranormal activity in Cape May, but nothing aggressive, just positive energy. Cape May apparently has only friendly ghosts.


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