Back in December, it was decided that the toll price for the Delaware Memorial Bridge that is located between New Jersey and Delaware would increase to $5.00.

Well here is some good news -- sort of -- the price increase that was originally supposed to take effect in March is now being delayed until May 1st.

Plus, cars and small trucks with a New Jersey E-ZPass or DelDOT accounts will now get a $.25 discount.

“E-ZPass saves customers time, reduces auto emissions and enhances fuel efficiency,” said DRBA Executive Director Tom Cook. “We believe that establishing a preferred rate for the home agencies here will encourage Delaware Memorial Bridge customers who pay with cash to sign up for the program.”

For those who are involved in the Frequent Traveler Program,  which applies to those who make at least 20 trips over the bridge in 90 days, will have an increased discount from $1.25 to $1.75.

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