Could the Arena football League and the Blackjacks be headed back to Atlantic City?

The league scrubbed its social media sites and posted a new profile picture on Monday night.

A look at their website,, shows the league using the #THEAFLISBACK.

The site has a message posted from the league promoting a comeback, which will embrace the past and embrace the future.

Under new ownership, the league plans to provide both the players and fans with an experience that has never been seen before. Honoring the past and embracing the future, the AFL will once again stand apart from other leagues using technological advancements to provide a better fan experience, and returning to the ways of the PAST with Ironman Football (players play both offense and defense), Goal side rebound nets and smaller arenas = greater fan experience.

So will Atlantic City be back in the reboot of the league?

"I haven't heard from anyone on that yet," Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Jr. texted me on Monday night.

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When clicking on the teams link on the official website, no teams were listed, just a message asking if anyone is interested in owning a team to send an e-mail to

The question is, will Atlantic City and the surrounding area even support another arena football team, or have fans been burned too many times by leagues that have come and gone from Boardwalk Hall and Atlantic City.

The team played in front of an average of 5,430 fans at Boardwalk Hall, with a high of 7,104 for their game against the Philadelphia Soul, and drew a total of 32,581 fans for their six home games during their one and only season in Atlantic City.

If the Blackjacks return, will you support them?

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