Cops in one Ocean County municipality are asking for your help identifying a man who allegedly loaded a prepaid debit card with hundreds of dollars and then did not pay for it.

According to the Manchester Township Police Department, on June 30th, the pictured man entered the Dollar General store on Route 37 in Manchester and proceeded to load a Green Dot debit card in the amount of $450.

They continue,

The $450.00 was put onto the "Green Dot" card without his payment; however, prior to completing the payment in full the male stated he had to leave the store. The male then left the store with the loaded “Green Dot” card without paying for it.

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The cashier was unable to stop the man from leaving the store.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation or if you can identify of the suspect, you are asked to contact the Manchester Township Police Department at (732) 657-2009.

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