Memorial Day Weekend brought the start of the new summer season to South Jersey Shore towns and renewed complaints about the behavior of some large groups of young people gathering in Ocean City and Wildwood.

A short video posted on an Ocean City community Facebook page shows what looks to be hundreds of teens gathered on the beach Saturday night.

Ocean City Police have said they plan to use the beach as a gathering area for teens again this summer as they have done over the past two summer seasons to keep the crowds of teens from disrupting the crowds of families and visitors on the Boardwalk.

Community Facebook pages from both cities featured long threads of descriptions of rowdy or illegal actions by teens gathered on the beach or boardwalks.

I was walking on the Ocean City boardwalk yesterday. There was a group of about 10 teenagers. They were talking loud using extreme profanity and then what looked like two girls about to fight. I circled back to make sure they were OK and I was looking for the cops. Never ever felt uncomfortable on this boardwalk until this year but the kids are out of control.


Anyone else go to the Wildwood boardwalk last night? It was horrible! I guess gone are the days of family enjoying the rides on Memorial Day weekend. And I get it young kids coming down the shore graduation week but this was over the top! And they want to monitor our coolers on the beach! But the boardwalk was like an overblown bar brawl last night. A over a hundred kids fleeing from under the board walk from a party broke. Up throwing beer cans knocking over people just trying to enjoy the boardwalk.



Disappointing riding the Jitneys tonight (in Ocean City). First there was the bunch of obnoxious & loud boys who got on somewhere between 55th and 48th. They were cursing with small children onboard....Parents, many of you are failing!

Several posts from the Wildwood Facebook page point out that Memorial Day Weekend has a reputation for being a particularly bad time for crowds of kids as they hold after-prom and graduation parties down the Shore.

(Wildwood) Locals absolutely hate Memorial Day weekend


I am here (Wildwood) every year, I live here. Last night was an exception. Never witnessed this. I know the usual young crowd Memorial Day that are having a blast but openly stoned and vomiting and throwing beer cans and literally carting bottles outright of liquor and throwing it at people is not the usual


My 17 1/2 year old daughter was just down in OC for the last two days with two of her friends and she was disgusted by the way the teens were acting on the beach at night. She was appalled at what she saw and their behavior. She said they openly carry alcohol and it’s obvious they are underage and are showing off for attention.

Sea Isle City has instituted a 10 pm curfew this summer for minors under 18 and a backpack ban for all between the hours of 10 pm and 1 am to try to prevent troublemakers. We haven't heard of any problems in Sea Isle this weekend.

Large groups of teens looking for something to do and a place to gather looks to be a continued point of contention at the Jersey Shore again this summer.

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