Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG, South Jersey's Official Christmas Music Station is proud to be a part of Jim Brickman's Comfort And Joy At Home Virtual Holiday Tour 2020.

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You can sing along, clap along, and laugh along this interactive virtual concert experience with Jim Brickman. Jim is the best-selling solo pianist of our time with 21 number one albums and two Grammy nominations.

Comfort And Joy At Home Virtual Holiday Tour At Home 2020 will feature some of Jim Brickman's most popular Christmas songs. The spirit off this annual holiday tradition will remind you that faith, love and family are truly what's most important during the magical holiday season.

Jim Brickman's LIVE interactive concerts are also helping support local theatres all over the country including the Stafford Township Arts Center in Manahawkin.
You can experience the Comfort And Joy At Home Virtual Holiday Tour with Jim on Saturday December 19th at 7 PM and also help the Stafford Township Arts Center.

Click here to pick your experience to enjoy a one of a kind personal concert experience with Jim Brickman! The concert also features Five for Fighting, John Trones, Kelli O'Hara and Megan Hilty.

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