The great tree debate will undoubtedly continue again this holiday season. Do you go for real or fake? This year though, the case for going artificial may be a bit stronger. 

This is thanks to the recent sighting of the spotted Lanternfly bug which has made its way to the Garden State, according to the Princeton Patch. This dangerous bug, which so far has been spotted in Northern Mercer, Warren and Hunterdon counties, can cause mayhem for your holidays by clinging on to the bark of your Christmas tree and infesting your house. That's definitely not something I would want to deal with during the most festive time of the year.

According to the report, you should examine your tree before you buy it to make sure no insect eggs are attached to the tree or branches. This dreaded bug was first spotted in Pennsylvania in 2014 and quickly spread to 13 counties.

Every year, my wife and I debate real or artificial when it comes to our Christmas tree and real wins out every single time. This year, this bug may have just swayed our decision to go fake.


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