Cris Pannullo from Ocean City continued his strong play and easily won his second night on Jeopardy! on Monday.

His competitors on the syndicated game show Monday evening were Jenny Millat, an artist & thrifter originally from Canton, Ohio, and J. Scott Gabrysiak, a paralegal from North Mankato, Minnesota.

After Monday's win, Cris’s 2-day total is $63,379.

Pannullo works as a customer success operations manager. We learned on Monday night that Cris has a pet rabbit named Lentils.

He stated his Jeopardy! run on Friday by beating a four-night champion.

Monday's game wasn't as competitive as Friday's.

Going into the final round, Cris led with a runaway of $30,800. Jenny was in second place with $8,800. Scott was last with $4,400.

The Final Jeopardy! category was "20th Century Poem Endings".
The clue was:  These 5 words that end a poem are also a proverb; one citation across the centuries includes a reminder not to make the wall too high.

Two of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.

The correct question was What is "good fences make good neighbors."?

While there are many references to this phrase, one of the most notable is in Robert Frost's poem, Mending Wall from 1914. The last few lines of the poem say, "He will not go behind his father’s saying / and he likes having thought of it so well / He says again, 'Good fences make good neighbors.'"

Scott couldn’t finish his response. So he lost his all-in bet and finished with $0.

Jenny got it right. She also bet it all and doubled her score to $17,600.

Cris got it right, too. He bet $3,000 and won the game with $33,800.

Another solid night for the Ocean City guy! Congrats to Cris Pannullo! We'll see how he fares on Tuesday's episode of Jeopardy!

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