The first thing I have to ask before we get down to the juicy update: Drums or Flats?

It's a big question, I know. Drums all the way baby!

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Now it is probably not too nice of me to show you a GIF of delicious, juicy and crispy chicken wings with what I am about to tell you.

There is a chicken wing shortage....*dun* *dun* *dun*....

And it's not only chicken wings.

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This shortage includes chicken wings, tenders, boneless wings, tenders and filets -- basically anything that involves using any part of a chicken.

And unlike toilet paper, coins and bubble tea....this shortage has nothing to do with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

It all has to do with the suppliers -- they can't keep up with the demand.

It makes sense...chicken wings are a very popular takeout food and are a comfort food so people have been ordering them left and right.

"That's the hot item right now. It takes many, many weeks to take a bird from hatchling to the time it gets processed, said John Reisigl, president of Cheney Brothers. "And with the economy opening up in all states, and demand for chicken wings like it is, the poultry packers weren't adequately prepared to have enough product in the pipeline. So they are playing catch up now. It's going to be a few more weeks before we have an adequate supply of chicken wings."

A few more weeks? What?!

This means that various independent businesses have gone weeks without serving chicken wings and let's be real, that is usually one of the top sellers for a bar.

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And because of this shortage, the price for chicken wings has gone sky high. Companies are purchasing wings for about 40% more than their original price.

And this is why I am writing this: TO WARN YOU!

If the companies buying the chicken wings have a higher cost out of pocket,  that means that these restaurants will have to hike up the prices to make a profit.

On average, the price of jumbo chicken wings has already braised $2.92! That may not sound like an awful lot but on average, that is an increase of about 30%!

So either mentally prepare for a higher price or hold off on ordering chicken wings for a while. I am not saying one order is going to make a difference but if we all collectively give suppliers a chance to catch up, it could help this process move along.

Listen....I am going to be the first person to say that THIS SUCKS.

We love chicken wings. Local businesses rely on chicken wings for revenue.

And there are so many different sauces, spices, dry rubs, dibs and veggie sides.

But here is what I can tell you...this is not forever.

To amazing chicken wings at an affordable price....*Clink*...

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