A Cape May County scallop fisherman is coming to the aid of a fellow Cape May boater who had his boat stolen in late May.

Brady Lybarger posted on Facebook about a 17ft Sundance Skiff with blue trim that was stolen early Thursday morning, May 27 from a dock in Cape May. The boat, owned by his friend, Osprey Al, is named "Osprey"who is described as a "... guy(who) uses it everyday and doesn’t deserve this. He’s worked hard all his life and just wants his boat back."

According to the Facebook post, which has been shared over 8 thousand times, there is video footage of the man stealing the boat, taken near the Whale Watcher, across from the Lobster House.

The post encourages anyone with surveillance video over water in Wildwood or North Wildwood to check to see if they have any video of the stolen boat passing.

I want this shared as many times as possible and keep an eye out NWW to Cape May it could be in a slip or even in the meadow?


We also feel badly for Osprey Al and wanted to help out by sharing this account of his stolen boat.

A copy of Brady's Facebook post is below. You are encouraged to contact him if you have any information about the boat.

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