Believe it or not, New Jersey residents that are considered to have a gambling disorder is three times the national average.

So it only makes sense for our state to ensure that we have facilities in every area of the to treat those in need.

Not to mention, living near one of the biggest gambling hotspots in the state -- Atlantic City -- plus the newfound addition of online gambling can make the recovery process that much more difficult to get through.

BUT...if you have gotten to the point that you realize that you need help, you have already overcome one of the biggest steps.

There is an amazing facility in Wildwood that you can go to so you can get the help that you need that is also a bit closer to home!

The place is called Cape Assist and according to the, "offers funded treatment for those suffering from gambling problems and their family members....Counseling services started July 1st after all clinical staff at the facility completed training." 

In order to be treated, you must be a New Jersey resident and be at least 18 years old.

A lot of professionals say that the symptoms for substance abuse are very similar to those with a gambling problem, except the triggers for gambling addicts are much harder to avoid.

Think about it....scratch off tickets are in every grocery store, signs of lottery jackpots can be seen everywhere, and not to mention, it is one of the top discussions when someone local wins big.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and think that they could really benefit from these counseling services, Cape Assist can be reached at (609) 522-5960 or send an email to

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