Not sure about you, but it's safe to bet that nobody expects picking up a cake from a local bakery will result in getting sprayed in the face with mace.

That's what one woman is alleging happened to her back in March after attempting to pick up a cake she won from a bakery in Camden County. Apparently, the woman entered the bakery's contest that had been live on social media. She was alerted that she won and the prize was a free cake. The bakery that sponsored the contest was Popcorn Suite Bakery in Berlin.

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According to complaints, the woman who won the contest allegedly went in to pick up the cake and was met with discontent from the owner. The owner, Wakeeta Rowe, apparently told the winner, Sharon Karbach, that the cake was not yet ready even though Karbach says that she confirmed the date and time of pick-up prior to arriving for it. reports that Rowe apparently expressed that Karbach didn't "deserve the cake" for free since she was "being impatient".

It was after Karbach called the owner out for the time that had been wasted going to pick it up that she was maced. Karbach reportedly proceeded to call the police. When they arrived, however, Rowe apparently made herself out to be the victim of the altercation.

The situation gets worse when it came to light that a lot of the products sold at Popcorn Suite are allegedly from other places. The bakery's social media claims that everything is baked in-house, but certain pictures and sources of the products sold there have called that authenticity into question.

You can find out which products are reportedly NOT baked on the premises as well as dive deeper into the mace altercation HERE.


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