Great things continue to come from South Jersey.

Atlantic City Highschool graduate, Colleen Callahan, just completed an insanely difficult task that I am sure most of us won't even come close to -- finishing the Boston Marathon!

Callahan is actually more well-known for setting records in competitive swimming having already won eight individual state titles, one relay championship and even competed in the Olympic trials all four years during college.

So why switch it up? Because running the marathon gave her the opportunity to run with the Massachusetts Ear and Eye specialty hospital's marathon team that has treated her for her loss of hearing from being in the water nonstop during her swimming career.

“I saw these people running for something bigger than themselves,” Callahan said. “The crowd really gets you to the finish. The streets are just lined with people. You’re doing it for a bigger cause, and so is everyone else.”

Callahan surpassed her fundraising goal of $10,000 all of which will be donated to the hospital but if you want to help her cause, click HERE to donate before May 15th. 

Congratulations to Callahan! We are so proud of you and keep representing South Jersey!

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