Burger King is being accused of telling a whopper of a lie.

A class action lawsuit filed in Miami, accuses the burger chain of deceptive advertising practices when it comes to the size of its Whopper.

At issue are the banners with pictures of the Whopper in their restaurants.  The pictures portray the burgers to be a lot bigger than the burger you get when you unwrap it.

In fact, the suit claims the in-restaurant pictures make the whopper look an estimated 35% larger than the actual product.  They claim the meat looks twice the size of the actual burger.

BBC News via YouTube
BBC News via YouTube

Burger King sought to have the case dismissed, but a judge ruled that the case can move forward.

Burger King put out a statement claiming,

the claims are false, and that the beef patties in its ads are the same ones it serves across the U.S.

Now, as someone who's had my fair share of Whoppers, I don't know if the burger is bigger or not.  What I do know, is that my lettuce is never as green as the picture, and the burger I get, is put together in a sloppy manner that may be the real reason why the burger looks different.

At the end of the day, no one really knows how this will get resolved, and while Burger King isn't the only fast-food chain to face this type of scrutiny, Burger King can ill afford the negative press.

For years, Burger King was a formidable competitor of McDonalds.  These days, they lag far behind the Golden Arches, and have fallen behind Wendy's.

Could we see a reboot of the old Wendy's commercials, where Clara Peller asks, "Where's the Beef?

GarfieldFCo via YouTube
GarfieldFCo via YouTube

Burger King cannot ignore customers' beef with size of Whoppers, court rules | Fox Business

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