There are quite a few stars that are native to the Garden State, but only a few can say they hail from South Jersey. Among the few that can is none other than the legend himself, Bruce Willis.

Bruce Willis grew up in Salem County in a town called Carney's Point. It was in high school that he realized his love of performance that would later lead him to study at Montclair State University. As you already know, the sky was the limit from there. He went on to star in the Die Hard franchise, as well as The Sixth Sense, and many other successful films. Needless to say, his star grew pretty bright over the last thirty+ years or so.

To say that Willis is a bona fide SUPERSTAR is basically an understatement at this point. He's probably recognized everywhere he goes. He's never been someone known to be rude to fans when approached. When it comes to the paparazzi, however, the time has apparently come for people on the Willis team to stand their ground.

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Sources have reported that Bruce Willis' wife, Emma Heming Willis, is asking for the paparazzi to stand down, should they see him out and about. It's apparently harder for him to interact in that, sort-of, high energy environment given his recent diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia.

A quick Google search will tell you that some of the first warning signs that someone could be suffering from frontotemporal dementia is a change in their social behaviors, as well as impaired speech. It's possible that movement disorders could follow since frontotemporal dementia is a progressive disease.

Kudos to Mrs. Willis for voicing the family's boundaries. She's not asking for the paparazzi to refrain from doing their job, just that they don't hound him. Bottom line, he needs physical space. If you're a fan of Bruce Willis and you see him out, maybe honor the family's request for space, just like the paparazzi should be.

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