While Britney Spears fights for more freedom against her father's current conservatorship, Jamie Spears has filed an intent to extend his oversight to include Britney's home state of Louisiana, as well as Hawaii and Florida. As of now, the conservatorship is only in place in California. The 37-year-old's father has been her conservator since 2008.

"Mr. Spears, in his capacity as Conservator of the Person and Estate, intends to register the Orders appointing Mr. Spears as a Conservator of the Person and Estate, as well as his Letters of Conservatorship, with states outside of California, in accordance with each of the states' required procedures, including without limitation at this time, the following: Florida, Louisiana and Hawaii," the court documents read.

As Entertainment Tonight reports, the conservatorship seems to be business as usual with the pop star communicating with her dad several times a day. However, she recently admitted that her father forced her to seek treatment when she checked herself into a mental health facility last month. Concerns about the singer's freedom have sparked the #FreeBritney movement. Though it's reported she's able to go where she wants, it has to be in the company of a security escort and she's not allowed to visit places like liquor stores.

A source told ET last week that while Britney's team "continues to encourage her to get long-term help," she "seems to be more focused on having the ability to make her own decisions."

"Her focus at the moment is having her autonomy," the source said.

"Functioning without medication isn’t an option for her," they continued. "Her family has been incredibly worried about her and spends as much time as possible with her."

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