Brigantine firefighters responded to a call Sunday morning about an overturned sailboat in the bay behind 12th st South with a boater in 40 degree water.

Firefighters launched a water rescue using a jetski from the boat ramp at 6th st south and Bayshore Ave wearing newly purchased cold water rescue suits.

According to a Facebook post, Brigantine's Alpha platoon found the victim about 600 yards from shore. He was loaded onto a water rescue sled, brought back to shore and loaded into an awaiting ambulance.

The victim was uninjured and was suffering from only minor exposure since he was wearing a 5 mil neoprene wetsuit and life vest. .

Brigantine Fire's response time from the moment of the call until the distressed boater was lloaed in to the ambulance was less than 15 minutes. Well done by all!

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