Have you ever wanted to try surfing but are not a fan of the water? Well, we have found the perfect activity for you.

A local company, BeachBoard, has unveiled a new Wildwood attraction -- an electric scooter-Segway-golf cart hybrid made for coasting on the sand and pavement.

There are handlebars but they are solely there for balancing purposes. To steer, riders must use their weight to veer from left to right similar to how surfers steer while in the water -- aka the "land surfing" idea.

These scooters can go up to 20 miles an hour which may not sound all that fast but I am sure when you are on the scooter itself, feels like you are flying!

So far BeachBoard has launched a soft opening yesterday near Mariner's Landing where participants can ride the scooter for 10 minutes for $10.00.

There is also talk that these scooters are more suitable for lifeguards because it is not as loud and can allow for lifeguards to get closer to the crowd while trying to keep people safe.

So far these scooter are only available in Wildwood but don't worry, we will let you know ASAP once that changes.

Check out the original article at NJ.com.

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