When it comes to pizza at the Jersey beaches, it's no laughing matter. People are loyal to their favorite pizza spots at the shore. Don't attempt to get them to switch teams, either. Once you have a favorite pizza place, you're usually a loyal customer for life.

The war over which place has the best pizza on New Jersey's Ocean City boardwalk is between Manco and Manco's and a place called Prep's. Now, you've probably heard of Manco and Manco. They were once in business with people from the legendary Mack's Pizza down in Wildwood. That's why at one time, the place in Ocean City was called Mack and Manco. There was a bunch of drama that went on which led to it eventually becoming Manco and Manco, but that's now what we're here to talk about today.

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Today, we're talking about their competitor just down the boardwalk, Prep's. Have you ever heard of it? Well, they've been in business in Ocean City since 1965, so there's a good chance you've enjoyed either a slice or an ice cream from there before. Unlike Manco and Manco, Prep's offers more than just pizza. They have sandwiches, wraps, chicken tenders, salads, french fries, and even ice cream.

People love Prep's because it's the perfect one-stop shop for families after a busy day on the beach or a fun couple of hours on the rides. You can find Prep's to the right of Playland Pier on 10th and boardwalk.

If you read the reviews on Google, everybody says you have to end your night with some waffles and ice cream from Prep's too.

So, what side of the fence do you perch? Are you a Manco and Manco fan or is Prep's more your speed?

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