Someone once said that hotdogs are happiness in a bun.

What would a barbeque be without hotdogs?

Everyone has their favorite hotdog, and here in New Jersey, some hotdogs standout as the best.

Rutt's Hut  Clifton

Sorry South Jersey, but the very best hot dogs in all of New Jersey can be found in Clifton, at Rutt's Hut.

Known for their Rippers (when the hot dogs are fried, the skin rips open, thus the term Ripper)

Rutt's Hut via Facebook
Rutt's Hut via Facebook

Hotdogs with a Smile = Family Fun in Cape May


HotDog Tommy's via Facebook
HotDog Tommy's via Facebook

Hot Dog Tommy's  Cape May  Closed for the season

If you're one of the few folks in South Jersey who aren't hip to this place, be sure to check them out this summer.

Try the Bigger Bad Dog with their unique pickle pepper relish and you'll fall in love.

Another cool thing about this place is it's fun.  Gotta love people who don't take themselves too seriously.

The Original Hot Dog Factory  Voorhees 

This is the only franchise place to make the list, and it's well-deserved.

They offer a nice selection of hot dog favorites from different regions of the country.

Try the Carolina dog.  Grilled beef hot dog topped with Chili and Slaw.  Yum.

Clifton is the Hotdog Capital of New Jersey

The Hot Grill  Clifton

What is it about Clifton and hot dogs?  This is another longtime staple of Bergen County.

They built this joint on the Texas Weiner.  They deep fry the hot dog, place it in a bun, and then top it with mustard, and onions.

Then they top it all off with a generous portion of their outrageous chili.

Captain Paul's Firehouse Dogs  Lawrenceville Open in April

This is the most interesting place on our list.

The owner is a former firefighter with the Trenton Fire Dept.  They're dedicated to first responders, and I love looking at all the patches from Police and Fire departments from around the country.

Try the Super Trooper.  2 fried hot dogs, potatoes, peppers & mustard

Captain Paul's Firehouse Dog's via TripAdvisor
Captain Paul's Firehouse Dog's via TripAdvisor

Hot Dog Johnny's Belvidere (Buttzville)

If you've ever driven up to the Poconos on Route 46, you've seen this roadside mecca of Hot Dogs.

Talk about longevity, Hot Dog Johhny's has been around since the mid-40s.

The hot dogs are good, but the real draw here is the location.  It's nice to pull off the road, sit along the river that runs behind the restaurant, and enjoy a hot dog in tranquility.

Hot Dog Johnny's via Facebook
Hot Dog Johnny's via Facebook

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