It's a tough job for a crack reporter like me, but I have been researching the donut situation here in Jersey, and two shops stood out for me.

Both are equally delicious, and both happen to be located in Toms River.

I highly recommend you check them out yourself.

Uncle Dood's Donuts     Robbins Street, Toms River

Some of the most unique donuts I've ever had come from this hole in the wall in Toms River.  These donuts are so good, they should be outlawed.

They have a walk-up window where people can order their donuts from an extensive menu.

Uncle Dood's
Uncle Dood's via Facebook

Uncle Dood's Donuts are made fresh, and I'm not talking once a day.  They make their donuts all day, and they are made to order.

The results are warm, tasty donuts that melt in your mouth.

You have to admire people who have fun at work.  I don't know how they came up with these creations.

I mean, Bunny Poop (vanilla icing and mini-Trix cereal), Mr. Peepers (Marshmallow icing, and sanding sugar), and Grave Dirt (Chocolate icing and Oreo crumble)?

It's one thing to come up with crazy creations, but it's another to make them click, and these do.  They're delicious.

Uncle Dood's
Uncle Dood's via Facebook

For those less adventurous, they have more traditional options as well.

OB-CO's Donuts      Fischer Blvd., Toms River

This is another great place to visit for delicious fresh donuts.

OB-CO's may have less flamboyant names for their donuts, but they still have a great selection.

They're most famous for a sugar-raised donut that's been on their menu since the '50s. Personally, the Bavarian Cream does it for me.

Uncle Dood's
Uncle Dood's via Facebook

They open every day at 5, and they stay open until no donuts remain.  They have a cool system where the string of lights that hang out front, stay lit until the donuts are gone.

Another cool thing about OB-CO's is that you can call your order in the day before.  This way, you don't have to worry about them running out of your favorite.

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