Who said there's nothing beautiful about the Garden State?

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One of the most tired stereotypes used to describe the Garden State is the myth that makes people believe New Jersey's nothing more than a concrete jungle full of oil refineries and power plants. Now, do we have areas like that? Sure we do. Still, there's so much of New Jersey that nobody ever gets to see because it's overshadowed by negativity.

Well, there's no denying Jersey's beauty with these photos. A local New Jersey-based photographer had the opportunity to capture some of the most gorgeous photos that show off just how amazing Jersey is. We've got some hidden gems here in the Garden State, and Ocean City is definitely one of them.

Add to the beauty of Ocean City by itself some adorable foxes, and you have all the evidence you need to prove Jersey's beauty.

The photos popped up on a local Ocean City-based Facebook page and captured a lot of people's attention. The photographer's name is Paula Cella. She said that even though she loves making her clients happy, she wanted to make art that made her happy, too.

"I wanted to start shooting for myself and make my heart happy as well. I invested in a beautiful telephoto lens to photograph wildlife and I could not be happier with the results I am getting. I will take you along with me on this journey for you to see wildlife as I do …behind the lens."

- Paula Cella


Little did she know, she'd wind up making more people smile than she ever thought she would after the photos made their way to Facebook. She gave us permission to share them in the hopes that even more people will come to appreciate everything this state has to offer.

You can check out her work HERE.

Source: Facebook

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