Apparently, Bear Summer Sighting Season in South Jersey has begun!

Little Egg Harbor Police have confirmed that a bear was sighted near a local golf course. The bear was even caught on a homeowners' security video camera.

When sightings like this happen, at this time of year, there's bound to be more. More sightings of the same bear or sightings of more bears.

Either way, people need to be careful around bears, and we go to the Facebook page of the National Park Service for tips on dealing with bears. Now, granted, the Park Service gave us these tips for bears in Yellowstone National Park, but the tips are probably pretty universal, right?

Here we go. The list is pretty standard and common sense. Well, it is until you get to the 3rd point:

Facebook: National Park Service
Facebook: National Park Service

LOL! Yes! Don't start hanging around your slow friends because you think it improves your odds against a bear!

With all sincerity, if you do see a bear, play it safe and keep a distance.

Don't risk your life to video the bear, it's not worth your life.

But it is worth $200 if it's a good video! We're paying cash! Sorry, that's a lie.

We'll pay $2.00, not $200.

Again, kidding.

Be safe South Jersey, Summer Bear Sighting Season is officially underway!

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