There are a lot of unwritten rules here in South Jersey, but the frustrating part is that a lot of these same rules are common sense. At least to me they are.

You know what I am talking about....pick up your trash, be courteous of others around you at the beach etc.

Well, here is another one: If you dig a hole in the sand at the beach, please fill it back up before you leave.

When I went to the beach, I was carrying a chair, a cooler and a beach bag and stumbled over one of these said holes.

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It may not look at deep in the photo but trust me, I feel down quite the slope and I am lucky that I wasn't hurt. Someone else may have not been as lucky, especially if they are older and carrying heavy items.

I get it. Digging in the sand is fun. It is part of being at the beach.

But that does not mean other people should have to worry about getting hurt on their way to the water because you don't feel like filling it.

So please keep that in mind next time you start digging.

I thank you....and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Nicole S. Murray.

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