Avalon Police are asking for your help identifying two people involved with a home burglary at about 7:26 pm Monday, Jan 30, while the residents were at home.

A security camera at the home captured video of the men climbing the stairs to the front door of the house and preparing to enter the unlocked door.

The men were wearing dark clothing, gloves, and hoods covering their faces, however, security images do give partial views of each man's face.

In a Facebook post, Avalon Police say that one of the men opened the unlocked front door and enter the home, while the other remained outside. Less than a minute later, the first man exited the home holding two purses.

But, a few minutes later, the men returned to the front door and the man entered the home again, this time quickly leaving again with keys to the family vehicle.

The pair then used the keys to enter a vehicle in the driveway and stole numerous items, before leaving the area in a getaway vehicle.

The residents in the home were not aware that the burglars were at their home until later and there was no interaction between the burglars and the residents of the house.

The police say it's quite possible that the men were armed.

Avalon Police are reminding residents that Avalon is not exempt from the rise in home burglaries and car thefts throughout New Jersey. Police say these 'crimes of opportunity' can be easily prevented by keeping your car doors and home doors locked even when you are at home.

If you have any information about this burglary or the men involved, please call the Avalon Police Department at (609) 967-3411.

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