The COVID-19 Pandemic has really put our technology to the test.

Since the outbreak, just about everything has become virtual, no-contact or now uses some type of advanced machinery so human presence is no longer needed.

Could this soon include how we go out to dinner in the future? It is very possible.

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I saw something on and Twitter that is being called the Automat which is basically an automated, futuristic take on a vending machine.

I had to do some research and found this article at which clears everything up.

Here is how it works:

It is a wall that consists of boxes that have a "microwave vibe with doors that double as LCD screens."

Behind that wall, there are people who cook your food to order. Once it is ready, they place your food in one of these boxes from behind the wall.

And this is no surprise -- there are many places who have this wall in place that allow customers to order their food ahead of time using an app or a touch-screen kiosk.

Once you place your oder, there is a status screen that will let you know how your order is coming along.

And being that we are talking futuristic and all, the author of the article at said that these boxes will also wish you well as you go with messages like, "Enjoy Your Food!"

Machines with manners....what could possibly be next.

So basically....this wall is much more efficient but it takes the human-interaction aspect out of the equation. Whether that is good or bad is up to you.

Do you want to see these types of machines in South Jersey?

I want to see at least one because the concept is kinda cool....and it really could become the future. Maybe.....

Take a look at the original sources for this article HERE, HERE and HERE.

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